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Value Added Services

Shippers Automotive Group is a national Third Party Logistics (3PL) Company offering a wide range of 3PL services. Our 3PL services include warehousing and distribution services, manufacturing support operations, and a wide array of value added services.

Line Side Delivery

The goal of line side delivery on assembly lines is to improve efficiency and productivity by providing the right parts to the right place at the right time.


Parts are in the exact order they are needed just in time for installation. The process is important for lean manufacturing and part traceability. Assembly lines need the right parts delivered to the right place.


The modern assembly line now receives kit-based larger components. Kitting saves time, improves productivity, reduces waste, and minimizes line side inventory.


To meet the needs of rightsizing at specific workstations. Better ergonomics, while reducing travel times and line side inventories.

Sub Assembly

The process of combining related components to create an intermediate product that will eventually be used in the assembly process.

Cross Docking

Products and materials are unloaded from one inbound source and then immediately moved to the outbound transportation with as little storage time as possible.

Container Management

Being able to manage the flow of container level inventory is important to ensure there are no interruptions to production, cost, productivity, or service.

Transportation &Shuttle Operations

Get streamlined transportation and shuttle services that provide drivers and equipment for repeat freight that needs to pass between warehouse facilities.

Yard Management

Yard Management provides greater visibility within the yard and to communicate important data more efficiently.