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Technology Proven for Today’s 3PL’s

Our WMS solution, known as WDLS, or Warehouse and Distribution Logistics System, has completely integrated business-class components and includes everything that today’s Third-Party Logistics (3PL) warehouses require. WDLS integrates with all major ERP systems and internal proprietary applications to ensure reliable communications throughout the entire logistical process.

WDLS has a proven track record and is effective in receiving, sorting, put-away, picking, loading, and shipping product. It supports a wide variety of operational and tracking requirements. It maintains an extremely accurate inventory and stock locater with all movements captured by RF move histories. Operator function, lockout on incorrect scans, back counts during picking, and workflow are among the functions that can be tuned to the operation’s specific needs. Manufacturing support operations include repacking, kitting, sequencing, forecast processing, parts requisitioning, Kanban handling, line-side delivery, expedited part handling, yard management, labeling, and vendor-managed inventories. Web portal capabilities provide outside visibility and data extraction of inventories and activities.